Friday, March 10, 2017

The next step

Well, a couple days ago, I got the note from my assessment and it was copied and given to my doc. It has been copied and scanned into the system. So, now, what to expect from Dr. Primary? I checked the system and my Dx is still there. I will take some opportunity to think about how I will be addressing this with him. Honestly, I am battling within myself about leaving his practice and looking for another primary. What will I get if I go to another PCP? This is a great worry that I have. But, staying with this doctor worries me just the same.

So, what is this appointment going to look like when I see Dr. PCP? There will be some discussion, of course. Will he be on the defensive? Will he be agreeable? Will he ask questions? How will I prepare for this? Do I trust him anymore? Certainly, I am worried about this and I need to keep discussing this to see how this is going to work and progress.

We shall see how things go. I don't know what to expect and I need to really be in prayer about this.

Seeking. Believing. Praying.

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